Gambling With Your Marriage: How to Add More Fun and Excitement to Your Relationship

Gambling With Your Marriage: How to Add More Fun and Excitement to Your Relationship

One of the most common complaints we hear when it comes to our marriages is pretty simple, but at the same time so, very complicated: “We don’t have fun anymore.” I say it’s simple because it feels like it should be easy to fix, right? Unfortunately, when you start to feel like things aren’t as exciting as they used to be, it can feel like a really big hurdle to jump.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can add more fun and games to your marriage that don’t take a whole lot of extra effort on either of your parts. Today, we’re going to talk about one of my personal favorite methods of adding more flash and flare to my marriage: gambling!

And I don’t mean the kind of gambling that can leave your family in financial trouble, and I don’t mean the kind of gambling that could put your marriage at risk (you’re not going to be betting on your relationship, after all!). I mean the kind of gambling that puts you and your husband on the same page, gives you a fun game you can literally play all day, every day, and gives you two a bit of a retreat from the rest of the world as you experience every new event with an added twist that keeps you two laughing for years to come.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

There are three major ways to gamble with your husband, and they all revolve around three things: what you bet (and therefore win), who the pieces are, what when the games begin!

Ante Up With Dishes
Traditionally, people gamble with real money, but when you’re already married to your only opponent, it makes it pretty much pointless to bet something that already belongs to both of you anyway. That doesn’t mean you don’t have stakes, though! Some of my favorite things to gamble are chores, but favors and other such things work just as well! Whenever you make a bet or play a game, make sure the reward is something you either give up or receive. In other words, if you make a bet with your husband and you win, maybe he has to do the dishes tonight! If you lose, looks like you’re doing them. You can also bet back rubs, who gets to pick the next movie you go out to see, and who has to chaperone for the kid’s next big slumber party!

Reunion Royale
Now, let’s talk about the pieces involved. Like I said, you aren’t betting on your relationship. The last thing you need to do is bet on whether or not your husband will remember to take out the trash (that’s probably going to upset him more than be a fun game for him, after all). So who and what do you bet on? Your family and friends, of course! This absolutely does not have to be mean-spirited, and in fact, it shouldn’t be! Instead, make bets like, “I bet one back rub that Aunt Jenny has to call and ask for directions to our house this weekend” when you have family get-togethers. Or, if you hear the kids arguing in the other room, something innocent like, “I bet they’re fighting over Legos again. If I win, you cook dinner!” This can seriously diffuse otherwise tense situations, since you and your husband will have a common ground between you. The best part? It’s a secret common ground you don’t have to share with anyone else!

Honestly, though, some of the best situations to gamble with each other are also potentially the most stressful or dull, which makes it a perfect time to add in some fun and games. While every-day betting on little things like which kids are going to want pizza for dinner to whether or not your mother-in-law is going to call–again–can be fun, the best times to make up games are when you and your husband have to be somewhere or do something one or both of you doesn’t want to do. I’m talking about family reunions, soccer games or dance recitals, and complicated Holiday dinners! Why not try making a bingo board next time you have to sit through your daughter’s play? Fill the squares with things like, “A child forgets his or her lines,” and “Someone’s cell phone goes off in the middle of the play.” That isn’t to say you aren’t enjoying being there for your children, of course, but giving something for you two to do while you’re watching just adds to the excitement!

When you and your husband can make a game out of the every-day things you may normally find mundane and boring, you’ll notice your marriage taking on a fun new twist! Not to mention, if you get really good, there are bound to be back rubs in it for you!

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